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'Kay, well, lemme just get something clear real quick.


What the fuck kind of school is this??? 'Future leaders'??? Kinda late on that one since I'm already a FUCKIN' LEADER! Shit, doesn't anyone listen?

Or d'ya think that it's 'cos it's a gang thing, so it doesn't count? 

What, you want me to PUNCH YOUR TEETH OUT OR SOMETHIN'?! BECAUSE I WILL. YOU BETTER NOT TEST ME BECAUSE I'M NOT JOKIN' AROUND. The Crazy Diamonds aren't just any fuckin' gang. We're the biggest motorcycle gang in Japan. We have a rep. A moral code. And since I'm the leader, Mondo Oowada, I don't take nobody's shit! 

...Fuck! Just how the hell am I s'posed to run the Crazy Diamonds from here?!...

Date: 2013-05-29 05:15 am (UTC)
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[Oh no, you made him angry] [Like actually very angry] [He needs a moment to breathe deeply and regain his composure] [Okay?] [Okay.]

Well, I see I may have overestimated you. I thought you would at least have the willpower to not resort to violence as your first course of action. And you're dead wrong!! *I* care about school policy, and rest assured that I will enforce it if our paths cross again!

[saunters off, trying to look as tough and confident as possible] [also fairly confident that he and this delinquent will never cross paths again because there's NO WAY they could be in the same class] [you should have introduced yourself first, Ishimaru]

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