Date: 2013-05-29 05:14 am (UTC)
shsl_princess: (:: ?!)
Eh?! Eh...?!

Mr. Oowada... I do not wish to decline your offer, as I understand you only mean to give me a gift because you feel that you must for a royal member, but I am sorry to say I cannot accept cigarettes... Mr. Kiyotaka is being very lawful! He should not receive punishment for reacting with surprise; drugs in a school setting are awful and can be oddly contagious if they get passed around!

*cocks head and smiles* Besides, there is no need to bestow upon me whatever you may have. As I said before, I wish to be seen as an equal! ♥ If you gave me something I would only feel compelled to return the favor and also give you something!

*starts to chuckle a bit at all of these events*
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